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Are you looking for employees?
Benefits of agency employment / Temporary helps

  1. We carry out recruitment and administration for you, we are responsible for all payroll and employment law matters.
  2. The flexibility of agency employment will save you time for your own business and projects
  3. The assignment of work takes place through one, Czech-speaking foreman

We will certainly be able to help you. We have our own jobseekers database and we can provide up to 10 reliable employees within a week.


Why choose us?

We have experience and therefore we can provide you with more than other agencies.

In the first phase, call us or write to the e-mail mentioned in the contacts section and we will contact you the next day.

We will also arrange a meeting where we will talk about what you need and what we can do for you. We will review the workplace and within one week we will send you our specific proposal with the number of employees that we will be able to provide you with and the price of the job.

The process is very simple for you. You will lose worries about looking for employees, paying wages, and other worries that bring about direct employment of people.

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